Modern Image PDA

Thursday, March 23, 2023 8:02:43 PM

The application has been disconnected for one of the following reasons:

  • The Disconnect button was pressed.
  • The application ended due to inactivity.
  • The application ended due to an error.
  • The application ended normally.
More information may be available below, and in the server's message log.

You may restart the application by clicking Restart.

Host Access Transformation Services

Server name:wassrv01p
Server IP address:
Application name:ULifeProductosGrupales
Current event:
Additional information:
  • HPS5052 Cannot set up a connection to the host using the following session properties:
      {WFSharedConnection=false, screenSize=2, WFConnectionUniqueId=, WFEnabled=false, port=23, codePage=037, History=false, TNEnhanced=false, autoConnect=false, codePageKey=KEY_US, SESSION_QUIETMODE=true, sessionID=HodConn:wassrv01pNode01Cell+wassrv01pNode01+server1|HATS_EAR51.ear#9, SSL=false, sessionType=2,, autoReconnect=false} (CONNECTION_INACTIVE)